Gospel goes live on Salesforce AppExchange

Exciting things are happening at Gospel HQ! Over the past few months, not only did we announce Gospel Developer QuickStart and our Google Cloud Marketplace launch, but we also toured San Francisco and the UK – with the Nordics next on our agenda – speaking at events and conferences in local developer communities. Now we are thrilled to announce we are live on the Salesforce AppExchange and kicking off our partnership with Salesforce.

As an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner, Gospel has launched the Gospel Data Connector on the AppExchange – our native Salesforce connector that easily plugs into existing enterprise applications and Salesforce instances. The connector allows for organisations to send and receive data bi-directionally from Gospel into Salesforce, making it easier than ever to store, protect and share sensitive information with customers and partners.

By ingesting data into Salesforce from multiple Gospel instances, companies are able to track data from various third parties. The Gospel Data Connector natively plugs into the Salesforce platform, allowing organisations to surface data from Gospel into their Salesforce environment that otherwise wouldn’t be available there – giving them better visibility and tighter control over the shared information. This ultimately enables better data-driven business decisions and collaboration in a totally trusted environment.

What’s a specific use case for the Gospel Data Connector?

Currently Gospel is working with a major UK construction firm who are deploying Gospel’s connector in their Salesforce environment. The firm had identified an issue with their Salesforce deployment where they needed to be able to selectively restrict access to certain datasets stored in their enterprise. In an effort to elicit some control over who had access to such information, the firm had reduced the number of users in their Salesforce deployment. This in turn caused less effective use of their Salesforce deployment and did not solve their issues around GDPR compliance and maintaining control over what data was being exported by which users, and when.

Using the Gospel Data Connector, the firm was able to set up granular access controls and configure them based on their own criteria, and grant only the right access to the right user for the right reason based on role and context – allowing them to avoid an “all or none” situation. Gospel added an extra layer of security to the data through contextual access controls, removing the need to share sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) via insecure methods like emailing spreadsheets. For future deployments and scale, the firm can enable partners to deploy their own Gospel node to join their network, allowing them to:

  • Maintain control over access to data
  • Allow their users to continue to access Salesforce without exposing too much information to the wrong user or application
  • Have the ability to audit and report on data access and data history for compliance
  • In a production deployment, control what and when partners can access data
What are the main benefits of the Gospel Data Connector?

By quickly and easily deploying Gospel’s connector, Salesforce customers and partners will no longer need to limit who has access to certain Salesforce deployments within their network. They can maintain complete control over who has access to what data internally and externally, complete with full audit capabilities (tamper-proof audit trails) for any attempted changes or access requests to that data.

Together, Gospel and Salesforce are transforming sensitive customer workloads to the cloud by providing a totally secure data store for shared information. We’re making it possible for companies to collaborate with confidence, demonstrate compliance, and retain complete control over their sensitive data, within and beyond their Salesforce environment.

For more information about the Gospel Data Connector, visit our Partners page.

Have questions? Reach out to our amazing team here.

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