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Embrace the
New Data Culture

Take back control of
your enterprise data

In an increasingly digital future, data is your enterprise’s most vital asset. Those who succeed will be those who can efficiently and confidently leverage their data capital.

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Is your company equipped
for digital transformation?

Data is everywhere. In order to realise its true value we need decentralised infrastructures. The digital era is upon us – are you ready for the new data culture?

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Data compliance is
your key to success

Gospel can accelerate adoption of regulations across industries such as Open Banking, GDPR and PSD2 through good data practice

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Trust in your enterprise

Gospel is a new way of securely distributing data across modern decentralised infrastructures.

Through the use of blockchain technology, Gospel allows enterprises to collaborate on data internally and externally with total trust, security and consent.

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Built on a foundation of trust

Gospel is a platform built using distributed ledger technology that allows your organisation to securely share and track all digital information across your decentralised architecture, absolutely confident of its provenance, usage history, integrity and authenticity.

Just imagine where you could go with that.

What is a distributed ledger?

Who’s using Gospel?

Gospel is being used across multiple industries such as aviation, automotive, financial services, human resources, and other service providers to reduce data breaches and increase secure collaboration of sensitive data.

Businesses are waking up to the power of the Gospel platform to enable them to resolve pressing data challenges around consent, immutability, the right to be forgotten and secure data distribution.

See how others are utilising Gospel…

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Welcome to the New Data Culture –
where the power of absolute trust
is your competitive edge.

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