Trust in your enterprise

Digitally Enable Every Single Enterprise and Inter-Organisational Data Transaction Through a Secure, Distributed Data Layer

Gospel Technology enables organisations to share their data externally whilst still maintaining control.

Gospel Technology has developed technology with proprietary distributed data security capabilities along with deep integration into the existing enterprise stack for frictionless adoption. All while delivering enterprise-grade scale and performance which has been a key shortcoming of other blockchain based solutions.

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Gospel Technology is built on a private permissioned blockchain, empowering your enterprise with:

Byzantine consensus security
controlling all read and write access to data.

A distributed network of nodes each containing a single, trusted version of current and historic data, allowing all participants authorised access to permissable data.

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Gospel Technology frees your organisation to reap the benefits of your data assets

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This is what our customers are doing with absolutely trusted data:


Transforming the Industrial Supply Chain

See how Gospel Technology is helping the aviation industry keep more planes and passengers in the air, while improving customer safety and reducing cost.

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Personally Identifiable Information


See how Gospel Technology is helping customers to secure, control, and deliver absolute trust in their data.

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Systems of Record


See how Gospel Technology is helping one IT infrastructure reduce cost and complexity while dramatically improving operational agility.

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Empower your Enterprise with a single repository of absolute trust and maintain complete control of data beyond silo walls

Resilient, immutable security at the data layer

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