What is the Gospel Data Platform?

The Gospel Data Platform is a highly secure distributed database built on Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain). The platform acts like a graph database and has the unique capability of sharing sensitive data with users both within the organisation and with external partners, while retaining full control over the shared information.

The platform is available on Google Cloud Marketplace for quick and easy deployment, known as Gospel Developer QuickStart (GDQ).

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Gospel Technology provides a platform that offers absolute certainty over data lineage and tamper-proof audit on all actions, which is critical in managing aspects of the Biopharmaceutical supply chain.

– Data Engineering Lead in a Major Biopharmaceutical.

One platform to enable immutable, tamper-proof data sharing in a totally trusted environment.

What the platform does for your organisation


Share sensitive data with security and trust.


Control of who can access what, why and how.


Improve collaboration with a single source of truth.


Make better data-driven business decisions.

Security and trust 

Our patent-pending consensus mechanism ensures that any modification or access to your organisation’s sensitive data is verified and agreed by the network rules, thus creating a trusted, single version of truth for better collaboration and data-driven decisions.


Data integrity and accountability

Transparency and accurate audit trails for regulatory compliance and disputes.

History of activities (including user reads, attempts intention and failed to access the information) is logged in an immutable and tamper-proof audit trail, thus giving full transparency to the lifecycle of the data.

An up-to-date copy of the ledger is distributed through your network and includes the ‘right to be forgotten’ required by data regulations such as GDPR, using a patent pending key store methodology in which makes the data unreadable and unrecoverable.


A single version of the truth

One and most up-to-date version of the data is available. Which means, security.

Control and privacy

Delve deep down to individual records and limit access only to selective data by contextual control of those records.

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