Enabling better business decisions in today’s data-driven economy

Gospel Technology’s partners serve as an extension of our ecosystem: professionals and businesses whom are passionate about creating a world where organisations can provide complete trust and control to data sharing. We hold a common belief that customers are at the core of what we do, and with our partners, we can enable them to securely share sensitive information and PII data in the cloud.

Together, we’re committed to a bottom line of building a better future where companies and individuals can retain complete control of their data, whilst still allowing them to scale and remain agile in today’s connected economy.



As a Google Cloud Marketplace partner…

We enable developers and tech teams to quickly and easily spin a Gospel Node on GCP in under a few minutes.

This allows companies to trial Gospel’s full capability  as well as deliver a production instance of the Gospel Data Platform, enabling them to start securely sharing data both internally and externally within minutes.

To find out more about our GKE-native solution or to get started on the Google Cloud Marketplace, click the button below.

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Gospel Technology is an official Salesforce ISV Partner.  

Our connector on the AppExchange makes it easier than ever for enterprise organisations to safely and securely share their sensitive data both inside  and outside the Salesforce ecosystem.

With the Gospel Data Connector™, Salesforce clients and partners can configure detailed contextual access controls and consensus to set an extremely granular control of the data that they are sharing.

Check out our listing in the AppExchange below for more information.

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