Gospel Technology was founded from the belief that the control, privacy and ownership of data will become one of the defining principles of the 21st century.

Sensitive data has become the most important asset of any enterprise organisation, and demonstrating trust, security and control of that data will be the difference between business success and failure. Too many times sensitive data is either used for the wrong reasons or placed in the wrong hands, putting companies and their customers at great risk; this is what keeps us up at night and gets us back into the office each morning. At Gospel Technology, we believe an organisation’s control of their own data should be easy, and we’re on a mission to give back that control.


Our mission is simply this: to finally enable organisations to protect, control and trust the data they share.

Our customers have a shared passion and responsibility for the data they manage and the power of that data when its shared with complete security, integrity and traceability. It’s at the core of what they do every day. Together, Gospel and our customers are leading the charge by transforming the way sensitive data is shared.  Whether that’s individuals’ personal data for HR & payroll processes, delivering better social care through totally trusted data collaboration, secure sharing of IPR for critical product development, and beyond.

Together we believe that any data that has to be shared is of value, and needs protecting without compromise.


Are driven, passionate and tenacious

Here at Gospel Technology, we pride ourselves on maintaining an open, entrepreneurial mindset and taking ownership over our actions and endeavours as we move towards a better, safer digital world.


Communicate openly and transparently

Our team believes that the solid foundation of any successful business starts with being honest, humble, and trustworthy. We strive to maintain these key characteristics as we continue to build goodwill and remain true to who we are.



Are innovative, collaborative and constantly evolving

We’re living in an ever-changing world that continues to shift and transform. Here at Gospel Technology, we are no different, and know that we need to be dynamic, flexible, fluid, and unrigid in order to grow, scale and innovate along with our customers and partners.