Trusted Data – An IDC Perspective

November 30, 2018
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idc perspective trusted data

IDC Perspective of Trusted Data

Trusted Data – An IDC Perspective: Click on this link or the image above to understand how IDC’s research reveals that digital transformation (DX) is at the top of the agenda at European organizations. Business leaders in the region are making massive investments in digital projects to become a digital-native enterprise (DNE). To achieve enterprise-wide transformation requires business leaders to have a holistic view of the business to implement an integrated approach to digital transformation and align the key stakeholders in the process.

IDC’s research shows that the majority of CEOs are trying to reinvent their business models to cope with continuously increasing customer expectations. They will enable the seamless and secure flow of data across a network of partners to generate real-time value chains, information-based products and services, and outcome-based monetization. IDC’s research shows that European organizations are expecting a big portion of their future revenue to come from emerging business models.

Generating a single version of the truth is critical to digital transformation, as it is the foundation of an integrated strategy.

Blockchain enables distributed consensus across a network of users, as exchanges of data are stored chronologically in an immutable, secure system of records.