At Gospel Technology, we didn’t begin with blockchain, we began with a business problem:

How can all enterprises securely and ethically collaborate while maintaining absolute trust in their data?

The Data Paradox

Traditional infrastructure means key data becomes centralised in silos, protected under more and more complex layers of security, which eventually degrade as employees circumvent protocols in order to collaborate. Ironically, this focus on preventing data from moving leaves enterprises more vulnerable to breach or loss of control of their data, whilst also restricting the true value of the data to the business

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Blockchain / DLT

Blockchain isn’t Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are based on Distributed Ledger Technologies (blockchain) for their inherent security and immutability, so at Gospel Technology we’ve taken the premise of blockchain and built our own unique enterprise-ready platform on top for one purpose only – safely distributing data.

Not Bitcoin

Companies, Partnerships, Consortium

Isolated, centralised infrastructures

Common communication:

Service desks,
Public cloud storage


Mass data breaches,
Shadow IT,
Bad actors,
No data integrity,
Speculative sharing

Distributed Ledger Technology

It is clear that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is the right technology to address these challenges and upon which to develop our platform for absolutely trusted data.

Private permissioned blockchain

Unlike public blockchains, the technology used in Gospel is based around strictly limited access to nodes containing one identical copy of data and removing highly inefficient and energy sapping proofs, whilst maintaining the effective consensus security.

Permissioned blockchain


All blockchains work across a distributed network of nodes to provide a level of objective agreement. No one party is trusted and any transactions or access must be approved by the overriding agreement of all other nodes. This simple principle known as Byzantine Fault Tolerance is so effective it means security in Gospel is built in at the data layer.

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Once something has been written to the blockchain (hashed) it cannot be removed. Thus it provides a traceable, auditable, trackable record of all and any transactions in whatever form have ever occurred on that chains data, and reflects a true and trusted world state at any point in time.

Why can't I just use a database?

At Gospel Technology, we believe the unique DLT technology built into our platform is the only way to securely share data between enterprise silos and their external partners.

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