Systems of Record

A single source of truth

Today’s global enterprises face an unprecedented information management challenge, with corporate data siloed across multiple systems, departments and geographies.

How can businesses build, maintain and benefit from an authoritative, trusted view of their diverse data assets while avoiding costly inconsistencies, manual processes and errors?

Only Gospel Technology creates a single, secure information environment that enables internal and external functions to collaborate with absolute confidence in the security, integrity and validity of their data.


  • Single, authoritative environment for corporate data
  • Eliminates risks associated with manual processing
  • Fully auditable and tamper-proof for regulated industry compliance
  • Operates alongside or instead of existing systems of record

Creating trusted records in
major global business

Reducing IT infrastructure cost and complexity while dramatically
improving operational agility.

Gospel has been selected by a global services provider as the strategic platform to consolidate its systems of record, replacing multiple disparate databases, identity platforms and legacy tools such as WebMethods and ForgeRock, into one single distributed environment.

“One of our biggest challenges is connecting our systems of record together and maintaining the relationships between them. This gets increasingly complex where other companies are involved.”

“Gospel Technology has demonstrated that it takes the complexity — and therefore risk – out of managing these relationships.”

Gospel Technology is delivering

  • A scalable solution with known costs
  • Ability for current and ex-employees to securely access – and grant consent to – their HR records
  • Multi-party collaboration and validation without exposing sensitive information
  • Internal triggers that enforce automated smart contract business logic
  • Reduced costs associated with audits and compliance
  • Full GDPR compliance including consent and erasure

The customer has seen substantial savings in time and cost, alongside secure, accurate, simplified employee record management.

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