Industry Supply Chains

Immediacy – Costed – Enhanced

Supply chains make business happen. For many industries they are a complex mix of interweaving processes with automatic or manual checks, spanning many geographies, partners, suppliers, distributors and third parties.

Gospel Technology facilitates trusted collaboration between all companies in a supply chain delivering absolute transparency, programmatic, traceability and accountability.

  • Secure data sharing across companies
  • Improved auditability and provenance
  • Accelerated and streamlined programmatic business processes
  • Dramatic time and cost savings

More planes in the air and
safer passengers

Gospel is working with a UK-based global aviation and defence company and three of its partners to address the challenges in parts traceability and export control compliance.

Difficulties in tracing and locating parts information stored across disparate systems both internal and external to the organisation, while complying with border export controls, means granular traceability can take days. In cases of fault or unexpected wear and tear, it can mean unnecessarily grounding aircraft — at huge cost.


”After some evaluation, we chose Gospel Technology because of its already-developed platform, as well as its speed and agility. This helped us to see the benefits of a distributed architecture far sooner than with a traditional, professional services approach, saving us from spiralling costs and complexity.”

Global Aviation Company

Industrial Supply Chain Transformation

With Gospel Technology

  • Time to recall specific parts now within minutes
  • Fast and trusted parts traceability
  • Total asset & data provenance
  • Secure access only to what needs to be seen
  • System consensus ensures the network is always in sync and has the correct data
  • Actors must prove themselves to access relevant data
  • Integration into existing enterprise systems (DB’s, ID authentication)
  • All user actions logged on immutable ledger
  • Lower cost to fulfil regulatory requirements, such as DSAR’s, audits and other industry requirements

Before Gospel Technology

  • Costly time to recall – between 18 – 22 days
  • High recall cost regardless of part value
  • Lack of trust across suppliers
  • Insecure data access
  • Highly manual methods to retrieve data (emails, calls, spreadsheets)
  • No trusted version of the latest copy of data
This faster and more reliable solution for tracing defective parts to their origin — and back out again to affected aircraft — leads to faster turnaround times for grounded aircraft, more planes flying on time, and a safer experience for passengers and crew.

Gospel Technology enables safe and secure collaboration of siloed corporate data between trusted parties.

Gospel Technology’s products reflect atypical data being shared by its customers as well as specific collaborative use cases.


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