Protecting Personally Identifiable Information

Compliance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape is one of the biggest concerns facing CxOs and risk management owners today. Consumer trust is constantly being eroded by high-profile data breaches and personal information leaks affecting huge numbers of records.

Responsibility for protecting all types of personal information (PII, PHI, PCI, etc.) lies with the data controller, and individuals have the right to demand transparency and accountability of their data. Existing hub-spoke IT infrastructures are broken, too easily bypassed and vulnerable to malicious or accidental misuse.

Gospel Technology sees distributed ledger technology as the only way for modern enterprises to safely share and ethically utilise customer data to improve their services without destroying consumer trust or falling foul of regulatory legislation.


  • Data-owner driven sharing consent
  • Securely share PII, PHI and PCI data to reduce risk
  • Granular, contextual access to sensitive personal data
  • Regulatory compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and other global data laws
  • Immutable, tamper-proof audit trail
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit

Securing the Asset Finance Industry

Gospel Technology is being used in the multi-billion dollar Asset Finance industry to provide end-to-end data protection. It also enables a single trusted platform for sharing personal information, bank details and financial records.

Gospel Technology easily integrated into the organisation’s existing processes to provide end-to-end security around each customer relationship.

“Transaction data is completely secure in the Gospel Technology Platform. With four different parties involved in most transactions — customer, supplier, broker and funder — data integrity and accountability is critical to our process and GDPR compliance requirements.”

“The Gospel platform with its unique permissioned environment provides the complete solution for our business.”

Richard Briggs, Director of GB Asset Finance Ltd

Gospel Technology is delivering

  • An alternative to insecure email attachment transactions
  • End-to-end trusted audit trail protecting customer, funder, broker and supplier from non-repudiation
  • More efficient collaboration with simple contextual access controls
  • Customers control over who can see their personal details

Only Gospel Technology enables customers to conduct transactions with confidence that their data is secured in line with current and future data protection regulations.

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