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Gospel is a enterprise grade security platform, underpinned by blockchain, that enables data to be accessed and tracked with absolute trust and security.

Through the use of distributed ledger technology, Gospel has built a highly resilient platform which scales to meet the demands of some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Through the use of consent, encryption and multi-factor authentication, data is only accessible by people or systems than can prove their identity. Gospel goes further by restricting access on a need-to-know basis.

Gospel allows for contextual sharing of information moving away from speculative sharing of data to a more controlled and secure approach revealing only data that is relevant to a transaction.

Step forward Gospel…


At the heart of Gospel is a private, permissioned distributed ledger, containing not only the key data that forms the value of your business (i.e intellectual property / personal data / sensitive content / healthcare records etc.) but also an absolute record of all trusted transactions taken upon it that are unlocked by Gospel’s Distributed Data Logic.

Gospel’s pioneering use of the private enterprise ledger takes the distributed consensus and immutability features of blockchain but without the time and resource draining downside of public blockchains.

This Distributed Data Logic is Gospel’s secret to driving a radical rethinking of consent and real-time transactional approval. It takes into account not only multi-layer authentication but elements of transactional context – including identity, location, action, time, trend and others – to ensure absolute trust and authentication at the point of transaction.

This is the next generation of powering business through Trust.

Today’s challenge with data distribution

Traditional centralised environments lack the ability to control the way data is shared and tracked.

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One-way flow of data out of organisations due to outdated ways of sharing data means no control or visibility of data once it has left your corporate perimeters. However, businesses are still accountable.

A secure data cloud for distributed, trusted engagement based on blockchain

Gospel cloud solution

Data is totally secure across a distributed architecture which is highly resilient by design, does not need backing up and allows for granular and contextual access to data with explicit consent.

Gospel integrates with existing systems and processes to create a platform of trust.

The platform allows organisations, people and systems to interact on corporate data with consent, security and control. Gospel is able to integrate via APIs and other connectors to existing data sources as well external systems.

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How is Gospel being applied?

Secure Data Distribution

Gospel clients are using the platform to distribute access to data where there are partnerships or businesses that are using 3rd party organisations to fulfill a task or where there is a need to share sensitive data within their business:

– External sharing of PII data with HR companies (payroll, travel agencies or employee benefits agencies) with total data-owner consent

– Internal distribution of sensitive company IP or legal documentation where audit trails are needed

– Sharing document with external 3rd parties (such as manufacturing)

– Distribution of key data such as contracts, orders and large files across supply chains where there are multiple parties involved

Internet of Things (IOT) & Facilities Management

Gospel integrates with external systems and is able to work with IOT platforms to further increase the value of them which organisations have implemented to build trust and security into data through:

    • – Automation of processes such as logging activity from facilities management systems on access to buildings, systems and privileged areas

– Proactive procurement of parts within an IOT environment such as lights, door access systems, heating and sensors

– Derive further value through the further use of analytics

Human Resources

Through Gospel, organisations are able to implement the paltform to integrate with existing systems to build consent mechanisms into how employee data is shared and used.

– End to end employee data life cycle from accepting CV’s, obtaining usage consent, tracking employee history to build credible information

– Distribute access, based on consent, to the right 3rd parties based on events

– Contextual sharing of data (such as is a person over 18 – Yes or NO rather than full date of birth) with 3rd parties

– Eliminate speculative bulk data sharing and move to a new way of sharing data on a need-to-know basis

Accelerating Regulatory Adoption

Organisations are required to move into a new world of collaboration yet have control of their data, the way it is shared and usage information on that data. Through current methods, this is extremely challenging and insecure.

Gospel is working with a number of clients on GDPR, Open Banking and PSD2 initiatives as organisations require a platform which:

– Provides trust into data with tamper-proof history of data access, reads and changes

– Builds consent into data transactions from the data owners

– Provide auditors specific reports with total trust in the data

Gospel Use Cases


Gospel In Healthcare

Gospel Cloud can be deployed in healthcare to securely share sensitive patient data with private healthcare organisations. Our solution enables NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations to move away from paper-based discharge procedures to a completely digital solution where data can be shared without fear of consequence. This approach will remove hours of manual work and costs associated with traditional discharge procedures.


Gospel At Work In Manufacturing

Gospel can be deployed in the manufacturing process to deliver trust in shared data access and use. Many manufacturing organisations currently use cloud-based file collaboration environments but these solutions raise concerns around security when it comes to sharing very sensitive design information. We have designed our Gospel solution to ensure data is only accessed and used by those who portray very specific behaviors and have the appropriate digital identity – removing all the previous security concerns. We are currently working with one of the UK’s largest suppliers of rolling-stock to address this very issue.


Gospel In The Construction Industry

Gospel can be applied across enterprise construction businesses to enable secure data collaboration on a large infrastructure projects – delivered under a joint venture – using the BIM methodology. Using Gospel Cloud you are able to realise the efficiencies of collaborating securely, outside the normal boundaries of the organisation – in real-time. The Gospel solution also ensures that all parties work on the most up to date version of project information eliminating expensive re-works.


Gospel In Government

Gospel can be implemented across central government organisations to ensure that sensitive personal and financial information relating to individuals is both accurate and up to date. Current personal information updates and consent procedures are time-consuming and prone to error. Gospel Cloud enables individuals to provide updates to their data in a secure and trusted manner whilst empowering the individual to control who has access to their information based on consent which can be requested on a case by case basis.

Human Resources

Gospel In Human Resources

As many organisations outsource specific aspects of the HR process, Gospel Cloud allows HR departments to securely share, in real-time, sensitive employee information with digital services for corporate travel, payroll, pensions etc. Today, many organisations have part manual workarounds that raise security concerns once the data has left the perimeter of the business. This approach also creates issues when any changes to the personal data such as address, passport number etc. requires further manual intervention. Personal data can be securely deployed on the Gospel Cloud and is accessed by these digital services via an encrypted connection, digital identity & Gospel Data Logic. Our solution also allows for employees to grant consent to their information being used. This approach alleviates previous security concerns and removes the associated manual processes for the previous methods of sharing personal data and provides a platform to help meet your obligations to future regulation (GDPR).


Gospel for logistics

Gospel Cloud can be deployed to simplify the critical but complex supply chain networks. Currently each customer, supplier and logistics partner will have separate API connections to your core application in order to share data and collaborate in real time. This approach becomes almost impossible to manage and the more API connections that are enabled, so the threat of a breach increases exponentially – an unacceptable risk that needs to be addressed. With Gospel there is only one secure Ledgerbrige to the core  and all customers, suppliers and partners securely access data and collaborate in real-time via the Gospel Trustlinks, removing the threat of a data breach and enhancing the existing data security provision.