The Inter-Enterprise Platform for
Trusted Data

Data is at the core of our world

At its core, Gospel Technology is an enterprise database built on blockchain technology that provides complete control over how, when, what and who can access company data.

With Gospel Technology your business and its partners can collaborate effectively and efficiently, securely sharing trusted data with full auditability and accountability.

Processes are simplified, cost savings are realised, decisions are made quickly and confidently – all enabled by accurate and trusted data.

Imagine what your business can achieve with absolute trust in your data!

The Gospel Platform

  • Fully private permissioned blockchain
  • Distributed nodes form an “untrusted by default” network of partners
  • Data is replicated across ‘Lead’ and ‘Client’ nodes to create a single world state
  • No single node can control, access or change data without aggregated agreement from others
  • Consensus established by Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT)
  • All transactions – Reads, Writes (completed and attempted) – written to immutable, tamper-proof ledger
  • Gospel LedgerBridge ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) for non-disruptive bulk data ingest
  • Integrates with all types of legacy system and input device
  • Processes JDBC, DB2, RESTful XML & JSON data sources, flat files and popular logging engines
  • Enables disparate systems to speak a common language at the data level
  • Enterprise-grade encryption secures data in transit, at ingest and at rest
  • Granular data access based on user or system roles and requirements
  • Integrates with all popular trusted authentication tools
  • Contextual permissioning allows read only or read & write access
  • Derived or computed results to protect raw or sensitive data
  • Eliminates speculative data sharing by limiting access to specific records
  • Real-time consent engine to handle personal data requests
  • Robust security prevents data access even with compromised node or encryption keys
  • Compliant with GDPR and industry data protection regulations

Use your data freely and confidently

By deploying Gospel Technology, a single repository of truth is maintained and distributed amongst your network of partners. We believe our technology is the ONLY ONE that can truly enforce the security and ethical use of data that is passed across inter-company boundaries – an essential part of the future of data collaboration and globalisation of enterprise ecosystems.

What does this mean to your business?

Forge new ways of working and create strategic partnerships that move you forward in the digital era, without burdensome complexity and vulnerable, outdated ways of siloing your valuable data.

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This is what our customers are doing with absolutely trusted data:


Transforming the Industrial Supply Chain

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Personally Identifiable Information


See how Gospel Technology is helping customers to secure, control, and deliver absolute trust in their data.

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Systems of Record


See how Gospel Technology is helping one IT infrastructure reduce cost and complexity while dramatically improving operational agility.

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