Our new VP of Partners: Introducing Anna Bennett

June 1, 2018
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As Anna Bennett, new VP of Partners, joins Gospel Technology today – she tells us why she’s so excited about our enterprise blockchain platform.


Today Is Revolutionary For Me…

I’m joining the Gospel team today as VP of Partners I and get to take my place at the front of the data revolution. This is a revolution that I’ve been banging on about in blogs, podcasts, white papers and panels for a few years. Latterly, to traditional banks who generally deploy new technology at a crazy (slow) rate. But in other audited and regulated industries, where new technology is not seen so much as an out-and-out risk, rather a gift – things are taking off.


Valued Partners

As Gospel’s new VP of Partners, my role will be to enable our Go To Market partners to use Gospel’s leading enterprise blockchain platform as part of client solutions that show huge efficiencies to organisations desperate to cut out waste and yet protect themselves from data vulnerability. To work closely with them and their global client base to ensure that we deliver solutions which are market appropriate and take into account nuances and pain points of particular sectors.

Gospel has many fans, many accolades and we have been featured as leading the enterprise blockchain revolution in reports from IDC to Forbes magazine. But one comment that really stood out for me about Gospel was from a senior analyst at IDC.
‘Gospel has taken the blockchain-ness out of blockchain’.


Technology that IS The Solution versus Technology Needing a Solution

So what did the analyst mean by that statement? Why did that resonate with me? I’ve worked in technology of varying forms for the last twenty five years. And let me tell you that it’s very easy when you’re a high tech company to go striding in, waxing lyrical about the technology itself rather than what the technology enables. The developer community becomes excited by possibility, so they are a great audience for that message. But when you need possibility to become reality, you’re generally talking to a different audience. Finance, InfoSec, Risk and Audit departments. Reality excites them. What is possible now.

Technology looking for a solution is an uncomfortable space to be in. I’m so wary of that and have said ‘no’ to numerous offers over the years on that very basis. But with Gospel, I’ve found something entirely different. A technology platform that IS the solution to a myriad of problems. A blockchain technology platform that is incredibly mature, despite its relative newness. A blockchain platform that is being adopted by clients right now to solve immediate problems and to achieve immediate efficiencies. We are already working with clients from automotive to governmental departments, from retailers to aerospace.

I’ve known Gospel for the last twelve months and we’ve presented together on a couple of occasions. I became more and more excited by what I saw. So I felt delighted when Ian asked me to consider joining the team. It wasn’t a hard decision to make.


Truth in All Things Data

There’s an incredible zeitgeist right now for truth in our data. For provenance, for certainty in an uncertain world full of TalkTalks, Cambridge Analyticas, MyFitnessPals, Ubers and many, many more. And there’s a proliferation of regulations like GDPR, like PSD2 that make companies even more weak at the knees than the horror stories.

So my new mantra as I officially join the Gospel team today is this: Think Data, Think Truth, Think Gospel!






VP of Partners

Anna Bennett is VP of Partners at Gospel Technology.

You can find Anna on twitter @AnnaB_Tech and join the data distribution discussion!