In The News > October 8, 2018

UK Firm Gospel Sees Bright Future in Blockchain Data Storage – IoTPro

Many enterprise companies are simply not equipped to share data

The reason for Gospel’s existence is to help provide that assurance. By using blockchain data storage, the company says it can ensure data is being used as intended. “It is cool stuff. I’ve been working for years to try to solve this problem,” said Thompson, referring to a string of positions in which the theme was “moving large amounts of data around.” “The thing that has always woke me up in the middle of the night is: ‘How do I know that everybody’s doing what they said they are going to do with this data?’” he said. Then there is the related question of: “How do I ensure that nobody is doing something with the data they shouldn’t be doing?” Mining it. Selling it on the dark web. Sharing it with competitors.