In The News > January 30, 2019

Ride industry waves, but cut through the hype: Interview with Gospel Technology founder and CEO Ian Smith – EU Startups

London-based Gospel Technology is data security startup passionate about the secure and ethical use of enterprise data, creating a ‘fabric of trust’ within and between companies, founded on the belief that modern corporations need to put securing their data at the heart of what they do.

Rather than simply restricting access to data as most corporations do, Gospel’s data security platform uses blockchain to ensure secure data access and exchange through a private ledger that provides access to individuals based on their credentials, allowing organisations to retain control of their data once it is shared internally or externally.

With the implementation of GDPR and increased concern over data and privacy for companies and their customers, Gospel’s technology is more relevant than ever. The startup’s platform was even referred to as the ‘first practical enterprise application of blockchain’ by the market intelligence firm IDC.

Gospel’s founder, Ian Smith, comes from a background of designing data architecture for major banks and corporations. Seeing the need for a safe, efficient way to share data, he founded Gospel Technology in 2016. The startup has since raised €7.4 million.

Click here to see the full interview as we talk to Ian about his background, data security, and his advice for other startup founders.