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Digital Transformation

Disruptive technologies, digital business and new ways of working are creating agile and fast-moving new entrants to traditional markets. Disruption of traditional business models is the new norm across many industries.

The challenge with digital transformation.

Business are rapidly evolving to work across different business models, geographies and industries where they have never operated before.

The need to work in a decentralised way across multiple parties causes issues when it is underpinned by traditional hub-spoke and centralised architectures which have degrading security profiles.

The need for decentralised data that can be shared, accessed, analysed and leveraged effectively across your complex network of employees, partners and suppliers means letting go of the siloed methods of enterprise data management.

Who really controls your data?

Workarounds for sharing information are commonplace in order to derive value or efficiency from key data. This all leads to inefficient enterprise collaboration, slowing you down and costing you time and money, and ultimately leaving your data vulnerable.

The loss of control once data leaves the confines of your protected environment is alarming. Constant reports of data breaches, malicious hacking from external parties and ransomware attacks creates an atmosphere of mistrust. Not even high profile brands with large security budgets are immune.

In order to truly have freedom and agility to act on the data collected, generated and shared within your organisation, you have to trust where it is, where it’s been and who has accessed it.

Step forward Gospel

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Data governance
for a new digital age

Global regulation around the world is reacting to the increased threat of data breaches. Consumer groups are also influencing the tightening of laws as to how personal data is obtained, handled and shared.

With regulations such as GDPR, Open Banking and PSD2, there is a pressing need for a platform which works with existing data to provide auditability, data-owner consent and security as well as being tamper-proof.

The consequences of getting this wrong will be devastating.


In September 2017, 174 million individual data records were leaked worldwide.


Gospel – Trust in your enterprise

The Gospel is a decentralised platform, underpinned by blockchain, which delivers enterprise capabilities allowing businesses to implement good data practice and adopt the New Data Culture.

Secure and consent-based access to personal and corporate data and an immutable record of all transactions, usage, history and disclosures of that data not only makes your workflow efficient, but compliant too.


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