The New Data Culture is here
(and it isn’t waiting for anybody)

Gospel Technology is a team of enterprise professionals that are passionate about the secure and ethical use of data. We firmly believe that modern corporations need to put securing their data at the heart of what they do.

It’s part of what we call the new data culture.

Gospel Technology’s philosophy is that individuals and companies should have the right to share and leverage their data with absolute trust and no fear of malicious, unethical or accidental exploitation.

Perimeterless architectures are already being pushed by forward-thinking teams who demand to share and utilise all the information available to them. The trouble is they don’t have the right tools to enable them to do it effectively and securely.

That’s where we come in…


We want to help all those organisations trapped by their own processes and the technology they currently have, and who can’t realise the true potential of their data. We want to increase accountability of data and create good business practices where companies and individuals are assumed responsible for their actions because every transaction is recorded.


We’re excited to be part of the new
data culture, and we want you to discover where your data can take you.

The Gospel Technology Team


Leadership Team

Ian Smith CEO & Founder
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Reuben Thompson VP Technology
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Matt Taylor Head of Sales
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Gospel Technology Board

Ian Smith CEO & Chairman of Board
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Roger Ehrenberg Board Director
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IA Ventures Contact: Roger Ehrenberg
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Salesforce Ventures Contact: Alex Kayyal
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LocalGlobe Contact: Remus Brett
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"Businesses need to have trust in where and who they share their data with – at both the computer and human level. We have moved to a scale where trust must be built-in to close exploits and stop data breaches."
Ian Smith, Founder and CEO of Gospel Technology